K4J Family Reaches Into The Home, School And The Parish


 Today’s youngest generation has been coined, the “i-generation”.  K4J is ready to meet the unique needs of this generation and motivate them to live virtue and love their Catholic faith through its online virtue programs.  Children can reach great heights through a real relationship with Jesus and knowledge of their Catholic faith.  We all know this requires a foundational “experience” to know how to make Jesus and our faith a part of our daily lives.

Our goal is to give parents and adults working with children a proactive, fun and personalized approach which develops happy, fulfilled adults.K4J Family offers a link between the home, school and parish.

A child learns by doing- so K4J Family does not just keep kids glaring at a computer.  K4J Family has online fun, games, songs, contests, service projects, activities and the famous K4J Mission of the Month.  These motivate the kids to practice virtue (“You’re Welcome”) and that means they have to become active in things that are good for them off the computer as well.

Virtue is necessary because a virtue, according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, “is a habitual and firm disposition to do the good.”  (CCC, 1803) Virtue allows us to give the best of him/herself.  Our leader materials for the school (School of Virtue) and parish (K4J Club and Vacation Bible Schools) surround the child with the support and motivation they need to live virtue from the trusted adults around them.  

K4J believes in your child’s ability to use his/her spiritual power to make a positive impact in your family, with their friends, and even in their community.Virtue does not just happen- it is acquired by deliberate choices and through perseverance. God helps the children by giving them special grace as they begin to forge character. Are you convinced yet that your child can (and wants to) practice virtue?

When a child is surrounded by positive messages and given the proper tools at school, home and parish, she/he is much more likely to succeed in forming love for his/her faith, character and leadership potential.

In K4J, we call this the Circle of Success! 

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