Family Overview

K4J in the Family: Overview

Catholic parenting is not an easy task but K4J makes success happen. With its time tested methods, K4J helps you raise a happy, virtutous child. K4J knows every child learns by doing and so we make it possible for you to teach your child how to choose what is good (virtue) all throughout the day.

The K4J Mission of the Month is easy to learn and will beome a natural part of your day. K4J Family Mission Packs introduce the Mission of the Month which becomes the tool that you can use to motivate your children to practice a virtue and love their Catholic faith.

Finally, a simple way to build an intimate relationship with our children.  It makes raising happy, virtuous children not only possbile, but a reality!


Benefits include:

  • Be confident in your parenting
  • Your child will appreciate the gift of their family
  • A simple method to help you put your children on a path of self-discovery and love of their Catholic faith. 
  • Children learn they are created by God to accomplish great things.  
  • Children recognize and develop thier own strengths and overcome weaknesses.
  • Children enjoy serving others
  • Positive, proactive Catholic parenting
  • Practical and flexible
  • Engaging
  • New ways to deepen child’s relationship with Jesus
  • Immediate results! 

Take a look at the 2016-2017 Virtue Line-up!

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K4J Family

K4J Family is a way to develop an intimate relationship with your children from preK to 5th grade.  Each child receives a K4J Mission Pack.  Through the Mission Pack, kids are motivated to practice their Mission of the Month, choose what is good and grow in their Catholic faith.  The simple method in K4J will help you inspire your children and the additional resources only add to a vibrant family life.




K4J Club

K4J Club is a great way for children to engage their friends and neighbors to live the "Mission of the Month". The K4J club leader activity guidebook spells out every detail to make the monthly meeting run smoothly. The children have Get Moving Games, Cool Crafts, Saints and Scripture, Apostles Station (grades 4-5) and Snack.  We believe in FUN!


Gift Certificate


Give a gift that is appreciated all year. Donate a VBS to your parish, a K4J Family Membership and K4J Music as a gift to that special someone.  They will be saying "Thanks!"