I Believe Shamrock Tshirt

"I Believe" Shamrock T-Shirt!

A lot of people celebrate St. Patrick's Day and decorate with shamrocks but don’t know why!  You will be able to wear this shirt and explain to people what the Shamrock represents according to Saint Patrick!  

Saint Patrick lived in Ireland, and he used to shamrock (which has three leaves) to explain the Trinity to the people of Ireland to help them learn about God and become Christians.  The Trinity is the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  The shamrock shows how each one is separate but they are all one!  The shamrock has three leaves but they are all on only one plant! 

This also will help you live your mission to learn modesty.  Others will know you show your respect for yourself and believe your body is a
Temple of the Holy Spirit! 






This activity is fun and allows you to make tons of variations!  You can choose any combination of colors that you like, but typical Saint Patrick’s Day colors are green and white! 



Supplies needed: 

A Green or White Plain T-Shirt

Fabric Paint

Freezer Paper (Found At Grocery Store)


The Shamrock Template (See Link)

An Iron

A Foam Brush or Paint Brush

Fabric Marker

Pencil or Pen

A Piece of Cardboard




First you will need to print the shamrock template.  Click on the image to print it out! 

Once you have it printed.  Place a piece of freezer paper over it (wax side down).  You may want to use a little tape to make sure the freezer paper doesn’t move when you complete this step. It is important to read through this whole step before completing! You are going to need to trace the shape onto the freezer paper using your pencil or pen.  After you trace it, you will need to use your scissors to cut it out starting from the very middle of the shamrock…but be careful!  YOU WANT TO KEEP THE OUTSIDE OF THE SHAMROCK IN ONE PIECE.  You are going to throw away the actual shamrock, but you need the outline to be intact, so you may need a parents help with this step! 

After you have your stencil ready, you will need to place your freezer paper design wax side down on your shirt.  Decide exactly where you want it to go!  Then have a parent help you use the iron to attach the stencil to the shirt. DO NOT USE STEAM.  You don’t want to get your shirt wet on accident!  You will need the iron on medium heat.   Heat it for about 30 seconds or so making sure to pay attention to the edges, and warming them until they are sealed.  You do not want paint to sneak underneath! 

If your stencil is ironed down, then place a piece of cardboard in the middle of the shirt (so the paint does not go through) and you can paint!  Do not put too much paint on your foam brush, and sort of dab it so that you do not push any paint under the edges!  You want your shirt to look good! 

After you have painted all of the inside of your stencil, slowly remove the stencil!  And poof, your shamrock t-shirt is almost complete!  Now you need to write on it.  Using your fabric marker (or you can make another stencil for the words and use paint) write the words "I Believe" under the shamrock!  Wait for the paint to dry and enjoy!

On Saint Patrick’s Day when you wear your shirt, you can explain to everyone what the shamrock stands for according to Saint Patrick!   Happy Saint Patrick's Day, K4J style!