K4J Prayers

Praying is talking to God. We pray to know him better, to love him more and to know how he is asking us to serve others. Do you pray? There are different ways to pray:

  • Talking with Jesus throughout your day. Tell him what you are thinking or feeling. He is your best friend so we talk to him just like you talk with a person. He is real!
  • You can read the Bible- it's God's Word. If you want to know about God it is a really good place because in the New Testament you can read Jesus' actual words! Just like he is talking to you.
  • You can think about Him. It sounds kinda funny, but it is true. The next time you are at Mass or when you read the Bible, think about the story- what does the surroundings look like, what does it smell like, what else can you hear, reach out and try to touch Jesus with your imagination. When you get good at it- the Holy Spirit will surprise you!
  • The rosary is a wonderful prayer too. When we pray the rosary we are asking Jesus' mother Mary to be with us and to pray for us. Always remember that we don't just say the Hail, Mary, we are asked to think about specific times in Jesus' life as well.
  • Helping others. Have you ever thought about helping others as a prayer?


Prayers for you

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Act of Contrition and Steps to Good Confession

Stations of the Cross Booklet

Prayer and Pledge (PreK - 1st grade)

Prayer and Pledge (2nd - 3rd grade)

Prayer and Pledge (4th - 5th grade)

Prayer and Pledge (6th - 8th grade)


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