Meet the Characters

Introducing K4J Characters…

 Meet Spark!

Spark represents your conscience.   There is a little voice inside you that will help you know right from wrong and help you choose what is good   But you have to teach your conscience.  That means you are a teacher right now!  You can teach your conscience by praying, and by practicing your K4J Mission of theMonth. Then that “little voice inside you” will let his “light shine in the dark”.  Click here to hear his song!

 Meet Grace!

Grace is the K4J character that represents actual grace. Actual grace is “God’s help.   In K4J, we sing Grace is like “a little piece of God inside you” and “when you least expect, I’ll come through.” God is always faithful. We can count on his grace every time we ask for it. Be on the lookout for Grace.  Whenever you see her, it is a reminder that God is always ready to give his special help.  Click here to hear Grace's special song.

 Meet Geronimo!

Geronimo loves being on his K4J team.  His club is always trying to find new ways to have fun and help others.  Geronimo is always up to some crazy ant-ics though.  You will find him in some funny costumes and always having a great time. 

 Watch out for VICE!

VICE is the bad guy in K4J.  He is always trying to talk the K4J kids into doing something wrong.  Just looking at his picture will remind you that sometimes we can be tempted to do what is wrong and learn bad habits. We have to listen to Spark instead!  Vice never gives good advice and is always finding himself in a bad situation because he is selfish and hates to obey!   Do not listen to him!  He is bad newssssss.


Meet the Sacrament Characters- Totally Catholic, Totally Awesome!


 Fontini the Baptismal Font


Fontini the Baptismal Font is where we get our start as members of the Church! Filled with the sacramental waters of baptism, Fontini can be found in every Catholic church.  Your baptismal font may look different but it is there.  See if you can find it!

 Mr. C



Mr. C reminds us of God’s great mercy.  He is the confessional with a ‘light-up nose. His light shows that the priest is waiting as “another Jesus” to hear your confession and forgive all your sins in the sacrament of Reconciliation. God’s mercy is as big as we want it to be. Some reconciliation rooms do not have a Mr. C light up nose but it is still there.  See if you can find it!    You can also take a look at How to Make A Good Confession.  It has an examination of conscience and the steps to a good confession.

 Mr. Tabernacle


Mr. Tabernacle and his sidekick Lamplighter are the K4J characters that remind kids that Jesus, the Holy Eucharist, lives inside the tabernacle of every Catholic church. When Lamplighter, the sanctuary lamp is lit next to the tabernacle it means that Jesus, the Holy Eucharist, is “at home” inside the tabernacle. We can visit Jesus there in a special way. Jesus is as present to us in the Eucharist as he was over 2000 years ago when he walked among the people on earth. We can become strong enough to live our mission by receiving and visiting Jesus in the Eucharist.


Big Blaze


Big Blaze is the K4J character we see when we talk about the sacrament of Confirmation. With Big Blaze lighting our hearts on fire, we become a great friend with the Holy Spirit!  The special gifts of the Holy Spirit become stronger in us,  the desire to spread Jesus’s love grows, we become closer to each other as members of the Church, and we aren’t afraid to share Jesus’s cross with him, in love. WHAT A SACRAMENT. Big Blaze gives a permanent mark on our souls that will be seen in heaven! 


 Mr. & Mrs. W. Ring

Mr. & Mrs. W. Ring are celebrating the sacrament of Holy Matrimony! That’s marriage. They confer this sacrament on each other, and promise to be true to each other and no one else in a special way, and be open to new life -- children -- they will bring up in the Catholic faith. Mr. and Mrs. W. Ring are especially blessed by the Holy Spirit as part of this sacrament, who is the helps them be faithful and love each other.   He is always there to help!


Br. Peter


Br. Peter has given his life for Jesus, just as Jesus has given his life for us. Br. Peter is almost a Catholic priest. He has not received the sacrament of Holy Orders yet, but will very soon. The bishop will lays hands on him receiving the sacrament and prays. The Holy Spirit comes and makes the man “another Christ”.  The sacrament of Holy Orders makes the man God’s priest forever, and marks his soul with a permanent mark that will be seen in heaven! Click here to listen to Brother Peter's song! 


Olivia is an animated cruet containing specially blessed olive oil that is used as an important part of the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. The priest lays hands on the sick person and prays, then uses the contents of Olivia -- olive oil blessed by the bishop -- to anoint the person. The Holy Spirit comes and gives special gifts of strengthening, peace and courage to the sick person. This sacrament from Jesus by the power of his Spirit helps lead the sick person to healing in the soul, but also heal his body if it is God’s will.