Mission of the Month Songs!

Download this month's song for FREE!  Others can be purchased for only .99 cents.  Each song has a different musical theme from the muscle building FLEX for Jesus, the 50's style Make Space for Grace to the reflection motivating the kids to persevere through the Kiss of the Cross song.  Great music that both parents and kids love.  Each song teaches the Mission of the Month and motivates the kids to live virue and love their Catholic faith.  Listen to the snippets below.


Songs for the Summer!

Surfin' with the Spirit  Download the Song of the Month for Free

Spark Download here for free!

Sacramental Stomp Download here for free!

Missionary Song Download here for free!

Win the World for Jesus Download here for free!

More Music Downloads:


Make Space For Grace

Flex For Jesus

3 Leaf Shamrock Mystery

Kiss of the Cross

Friendship Frenzy

Be A Real Hero

Parade of Saints

Soft Straw Stack