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News Testimonials and Media


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From Principals:

Amy Allen, Principal St. Mary's Catholic School Longview, TX..... I would like to take a moment to thank you and your team for such a fantastic program. At St. Mary's School, we pride ourselves in grounding our instruction in Gospel values and virtuous conscience formation. Our ministries staff spends every summer giving up countless hours to build a curriculum for the school year to aide teachers in this mission. However, with K4J, our job got easier. The K4J curriculum is engaging for all age groups. The captains are empowered with not only information that is current and meaningful in today's society but then they are given the tools to evangelize through song and skit. We love it! I am looking so forward to next year's saints. I think I am learning as much as the kids! Again, blessings to you and yours on a job well done.


Mary Lou Gamache, Principal St. Teresa’s School Albany, GA... At St. Teresa’s School in Albany, GA, we have used the K4J materials for two years now and it is the one day of the month that all of our students look forward to the most!  We think K4J is a way for our students to experience the joy of following Jesus while learning virtue and the truths of the Catholic Faith.  Our older children in grades 5th -8th function as K4J Captains and put on the K4J skit for the whole school.  I would encourage other Catholic schools to “breathe a little life” into their religion curriculum by offering the K4J Program for their students.


Mrs. Sheila Riley, Principal Saint Thomas More, Pittsburgh, PA.“It is nice to have a fresh start with this user-friendly virtue program. The kids took right to the K4J program.  In the world the children face today, it’s inspiring to see the kids modeling their lives after true role models; the saint of the month. It provides such a positive aide for the children. Peer leadership through the K4J Captains program truly works! School parents are so happy we have this program.  I witness daily the 4th graders referring to their virtue lanyards to determine how a situation should be handled.  They cannot wait for their monthly assembly! 


Scott Baier School- Administrator Naples, Florida … "Actively developing character and virtue in our students is one of the most essential elements in a complete Catholic educational experience.  As one of the most powerful tools at my disposal, the K4J program enables us to help students, teachers, and parents put into action effective strategies to develop character by fostering the virtues.  From the kick-off assembly, the mid-month activities, and the materials for the teachers in the classroom, our whole school is united in a common purpose each month – to live out the virtue and have fun doing it.  Our students have benefited so much over the years by being able to participate in K4J.  Truly, this is a program that helps build a foundation for life, rooted in love for Christ and the attainment of virtue.”

From Teachers:

“It’s a great program and helps to consistently form our children.  I think it is a big selling point for our school.”  Teacher from Cedarcrest Academy


“I love K4J.  The kids love it, too.  Many of the ideas we learn and implement are, of course, carried on to the next month and so on.  I can especially think of the ‘monkey manners’ and ‘you’ve been graced’ missions.  I have found K4J to be a great supplement to what I am teaching.  They come up with interesting ideas that I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of.  I look at it as a helpful tool in reaching our ultimate goal which is heaven.”  Teacher in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota


From K4J Volunteers in Schools

“I would like to begin with a sincere THANK YOU to your entire team of people who dedicate their energy to this program.  It has been a true blessing to me personally to become better in tune with living a virtuous life.  I have seen many graces (and excitement) come to the students on our K4J days that integrate into their daily lives.”  Christine from Cumming, Georgia


“There was an announcement over the PA system at school saying that it was the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  The kids in the classrooms started singing the ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ song.  They had learned this song at the K4J VBS.  The teachers were amazed!”  Melissa from Fairfax, Virginia


K4J Vacation Bible School Testimonies

Henry J. Mansell, Archbishop of Hartford, Connecticut about the  K4J Summertime Blast Vacation Bible School Program:

 "It would be difficult to exaggerate the good that this children's Program can do.  Among its positive aspects, it is Scriptural; it strives to be solidly doctrinal; it emphasizes the Catechism of the Catholic Church; it encourages the Church's missionary apostolate; it recognizes the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints; it is respectful of the ministerial priesthood; it encourages the Church's social justice doctrines; it evidences reverence for the Mass and Eucharistic adoration.  In our secularist educational climate, it is a refreshing interlude."


St. Mary's Catholic Church,  Bill Keimig Director of Religious Education
 Our parish had been doing a Vacation Bible School for five years, normally for over a hundred children, and we've been using programs designed by non-Catholics, with a veneer of a "Catholic version". This year we switched to K4J's VBS and discovered, as we had hoped, a vast difference.  

     The distinctiveness  of our Catholic Faith -- the sacraments, the saints, our Blessed Mother, the gift of authority -- all the richness that the fullness of the Faith offers to children, was made present in creative, fun, and learnable ways – thoroughly centered on Jesus Christ.  And the follow-up offered by the entire K4J program is unparalleled."


Jennifer Kastroll Director K4J VBS Ligonier, Pa

“I don’t know why a Catholic would use any other VBS. K4J is so authentically Catholic. At first I was hesitant thinking that the kids wouldn’t like it because it is exactly what the adults want the kids to learn. And was I ever wrong, the kids love it, it is so FUN! K4J has made the Catholic faith come alive in a fun and imaginative way that is understandable to the kids!


Margo Lewis- Director of Religious Education- Willington, OH

For the past four summers, a little girl has attended our summer K4J Vacation Bible School.  Her grandparents often take care of her and bring her to as many Faith Formation classes and K4J Sundays as possible, which isn't very often.  Her parents do not practice the Catholic faith and are divorced.  She has asked her grandparents if she could be Baptized.  I have been working with her to prepare her for the sacraments and one of the worksheets we were on asked the question "Who or what has influenced your decision to desire Baptism?"  The little girl looked at me and with a big smile replied, "K4J of course!"


Carol from Reno, Nevada …. “There is a family here who was not Catholic (the mother had been raised Catholic but left to the Lutheran church when she was married).  They attended the VBS last year, and they were so affected by their children’s responses that the husband said, ‘Whatever the kids are involved in next year; I want it to include being involved in K4J.’  The mother and kids came into the Church this year, and the husband is taking instructions and considers himself Catholic already!” 


 Beth Lujan, Director of Religious Education, St. Albert the Great Church, Reno, NV….My husband and I were first turned on to K4J 5 years ago, when our oldest daughter participated, as a Kindergartner, at our local parish's K4J Vacation Bible School. We loved it for many reasons. First and foremost, it was TRULY Catholic in its teachings. Our daughter was totally enthusiastic to attend each day and we were amazed by the amount of faith-filled knowledge she had retained. Now, she is FINALLY old enough to have become a Captain. (She ended up attending all 4 versions of the program.) Just as she did when she was 5, she became enthusiastic and passionate all over again as she spend this past summer leading the younger ones throughout their K4J experiences.

        The icing on the cake is that my second child is now FINALLY old enough to not just watch her sister sing the songs at opening assembly, or even be stuck in the back with the “babies”, but she participated fully as a “K4J kid” for the first time this past summer! (Of course, she already knew all the songs already…)We can’t say enough about how much our family loves and values the K4J program.           

      Now, as a DRE, I have brought it to the parish where I work.  In the two years since we introduced it, our attendance level and parent participation has almost doubled in size.  My prayer will always be for K4J’s continued success both within its organization as well as with all the families it intends to serve. What a gift it provides for us! The K4J Program is helping children grow closer to Jesus!

 Thanks for all the hard work in developing the program.


Keith Kline, Youth Minister St. Robert Bellarmine  Johnston,  RI ….My wife and I are the coordinators of the Youth Group.  We work with children in Pre-K to Grade 4.  This year was our first year that we began a rebuilding process by starting with the younger students and working our way up.  In past years I had to create the curriculum, plan out the events, purchase all of the supplies, and then when all of that was completed then I had to run the event.  It was tiresome putting all those pieces into place.  I was always running out of ideas and time!  But, through the grace of God, someone close to us shared the K4J program with us and put us in contact with you.  Thank God for that!

The K4J program is one that all kids and parents love.  It is designed with our children in mind and gives practical and applicable activities to help our children grow in the love of the Lord.  It takes the guesswork out of planning and provides tremendous resources to us, as youth ministers.  This allows us to implement "Grace-Filled" activities that nourish and promote a culture of life and love.  We would highly recommend this program to any parish that is looking to build up the people (children) of God.  Thanks to you and your team of people, especially Kathleen, for all that hard work and dedication you put forth with this program.