Two New Saints  April 27, 2014




These two men lived this month's mission well all through their lives.  
Both of them had a lot of COURAGE and knew how to enCOURAGE
others so they could have COURAGE too!  

St. John the XXIII gave us Vatican Council II.  That is a little before your time but one of the benefits of Vatican II has a lot to do with you.  Thanks to St. John XXIII, we can hear the Mass each week in our native language.  We hear it in English and people in France hear French, German in Germany etc.  Before that time, all the Masses were said in Latin.  Listen for the Latin the next Mass you attend.  Most parishes still use Latin for parts of the Mass.  Thanks St. John XXIII!


St. John Paul II started World Youth Days, taught about the beauty of life and love of family, gave us the Luminous Mysteries of the rosary (Do you know them?), and was responsible for helping many young people find thier vocations to the priesthood and religious life.... and much, much more.