Circus of Stars Traditional Starter Kit

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Circus of the Stars Online Starter Kit
featuring a K4J Mission Pack for 50 participants!


Whether the kids are attending the daily high flying circus assembly, performing with St. John Bosco, running in the Three Ring Obstacle Course, singing Circus of Stars or making Ringmaster Baton snack; the kids experience nonstop fun and action. At K4J Circus of Stars, the children are the stars! They are the great creation of the Father and all they do gives glory to him. Each day, K4J Circus of Stars builds upon the teaching of the previous day so that by the end of the week the children have learned that they can know, love, and trust God the Father.


Starter Kit includes:

Choose from three age level K4J Mission packs for 50 participants!

preK4J (ages 3-1st grade)

K4J (grades 2-3)

Apostles (grades 4-5)

These packets have long been a hit at K4J.  They contain all the kids need to practice the virtue of BALANCE and accomplish their Balancing Clown Mission. The lessons learned at VBS are played with Circus of Stars fun-- all summer long!

7 VBS Guidebooks including:

Director Guidebook Click the link to view the Director Guidebook which includes all the details you need to run a successful VBS!

Assembly Guidebook with daily opening and closing assemblies, skits, music lyrics and hand motions and more.

Cool Crafts Guidebook with crafts that are not only fun but also help bring the lesson of the day home.

Get Moving Games Guidebook offers the zany, fun games and relays expected in K4J.

Missionaries in Motion Guidebook teaches the catechetical lesson of the day and the Thank You Father Mission!

Grand Finale Guidebook contains all that is needed to put on a closing celebration and Chapel Time.

Snacks Guidebook is a recipe for success! Kids love making their own snack and learning more about the saint of the day.


Your Kit also includes:


Circus of Stars Graphics CD with station leader mini-guidebooks to print for your volunteers, logos, characters etc.

Circus of Stars Music CD featuring 9 foot stompin', hand clapping songs such as Circus of Stars, Thank You Father and I've Got a Mission

Sample Set of Holy Hero Cards including St. John Bosco, St. Catherine of Siena, St. John Vianney, St. Therese of Avila and Mary, mother of the K4J Stars.


*Additional Circus of Stars VBS materials such as Music CDs, Mission Packs, Packs of Holy Hero cards and toys are available for purchase.

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