Summertime BLAST! Captains Manual (discounted 09 Editions)

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Captains Leadership Manual (Jesus in the Eucharist Edition)

Involve Youth Ministry in Summertime BLAST! K4J Captains Manual (pdf) give the 6th through 8th grade kids (High school) a very helpful tool that helps them lead and serve with exciting and meaningful work in the Vacation Bible School.  Captains choose an  "interest group" in which they plan and lead in an age appropriate role.  Captains choose from:  Scripture Leader, K4J Song Leader, Skit Performer, Spirit Leader , Closing Assembly Prayer Leader, Decorations Coordinator or Technical & Special Effects Coordinator.  The Captains Leadership Manual also includes all the daily assemblies.  

This manual will come to you by email in a pdf.  You can make as many copies as you like.  Enjoy!


Price: $5.00