Summertime BLAST Online Starter Kit

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Summertime BLAST!
Online Starter Kit

 Whether the kids are attending the daily high energy assembly,building a K4J clubhouse or playing Fight the Good Fight--BLAST VICE!, they are learning about Jesus in the Eucharist and the virtue of INITIATIVE.  The kids practice the Good Ideas BLAST! Mission by going to Jesus in the Eucharist for good ideas to share Jesus with the whole world.  

Kids also join the World Eucharist Mission and collect spare change for Military priest who support our troops. That is a GOOD IDEA to help people all over the world receive Jesus in the Eucharist!


Starter Kit includes:


  • 8 Online VBS Guidebooks including:  

    • Director Guidebook  Click the link to view the Director Guidebook which includes all the details you need to run a successful VBS!

    • Assembly Guidebook with daily opening and closing assemblies, skits, music lyrics and hand motions and more.

    • Cool Crafts Guidebook with crafts that are not only fun but also help bring the lesson of the day home.

    • Get Moving Games Guidebook offers the zany, fun games and relays expected in K4J.

    • Missionaries in Motion Guidebook teaches the catechetical lesson of the day and the World Eucharist Mission!

    • Party Prep Guidebook contains all that is needed to put on a closing celebration and Chapel Time.

    • Saintly Snacks Guidebook is a recipe for success!  Kids love making their own snack and learning more about the saint of the day.



      PreK4J BLAST Guidebook offers the option of meeting with the preK kids in a separate location with age appropriate activities.


       Your Welcome Kit includes:

  • Surfin' With the Spirit Graphics CD with station leader mini-guidebooks to print for your volunteers, logos, characters etc.
  • Surfin' With the Spirit Music CD featuring 10 foot stompin', hand clapping songs such as Surfin' With The Spirit, Sacrament Stomp and I've Got a Mission
  • Sample Set of Holy Hero Cards including St. John the Baptist, St. Therese of Liseux, Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, St. Francis Xavier and Mary, Mother of the Church. 
  • 50 World Eucharist Camo-Mission Bags for kids to collect spare change to support our military missionary priests who bring Jesus in the Eucharist to our troops around the world. Now that is a GOOD IDEA!

Additional VBS materials such as extra Music CDs, daily toys, Mission Packs and summer memberships to K4J Family, etc can be purchased separately.

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