Traditional Parish Club

Traditional Parish Club

A K4J Parish Club unites families and motivates them to live their Catholic faith within the parish community.  Whether you build small teams or a larger club, parents and kids will develop great friendships and the support of each other to raise their children in the Catholic faith.  The easy to use materials offered in the K4J Parish Club make each meeting dynamic, fun and formative.

You can start a K4J Club with ten children at only $42.95 per child.  You will receive 9 monthly Club Activities Guidebooks which give you all of the ideas you need to run a successful club meeting each month.  The Club Activities Guidebook has 4 main stations; Missionaries in Motion in which the kids receive their Mission Pack, Get Moving Games, Cool Craft and Saints and Scripture.  It also includes ideas for a snack and a special project for the Apostles (grades 4-5). 

You will also receive a copy of our K4J Mission Songs CD. 

Program At A Glance   

Price: $429.95