WWJ VBS Online Starter Kit

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Win the World For Jesus Online Starter Kit


Kids become missionaries in the Church today as they learn zeal for souls.  Each day they go on an expedition with one of the saints who brought the love of Jesus and the Church to the New World. 


Each Starter Kit Includes:


7 Online VBS Station Guidebooks:

Director Guidebook with all the information needed to run a successful VBS!

Assembly Guidebook with daily opening and closing assemblies, music lyrics, hand motions and more!

Cool Crafts Guidebook with crafts that are not only fun but help to bring the message of the day's lesson home.

Get Moving Games Guidebook has some of the crazy, zany games and relays you have come to expect from K4J!

Missionaries in Motion Guidebook teaches the daily catechetical lesson and the Win the World Medical Mission.

Expo-Prep Music and Chapel Time Guidebook not only gives you instructions to plan a closing Liturgy and celebration but each a special chapel time for the kids through the week.  These simple lessons teach the faith by helping the kids experience the Church.

Snacks Guidebook is a recipe for success!  Kids get to make their own snack while learning about the saint of the day.


Win the World Music CD and Graphics CD

But that is not all!  You will also receive a Win the World For Jesus Medical Missions DVD to motivate the kids to live the mission that week.  You will also receive 50 surgical gloves for the kids to use to collect extra change for the missionaries. 

K4J is the always Catholic and always FUN VBS!

Price: $149.00