Saint Valentines Day Pops

Saint Valentine's Day Pops


Ingredients needed:


Cake Pop Sticks or Lollipop Sticks


White Chocolate Bark

Wax Paper

A Microwave Safe Bowl  

A Spoon

Small Plastic Bags and Ribbon (optional)


This is a very simple recipe that is a lot of fun to make!  You can make them and share them with friends or just make a few for your family! 

The first step is to take a marshmallow and push a cake pop stick into the bottom of each one.  Once you have all the marshmallows prepped, you will need to melt your chocolate.  Take a few squares of your white chocolate bark and melt them in a bowl in the microwave.  (You may need your parent to help you with this part) Melt it for about 30 seconds, check it, and then repeat step till the chocolate is all melted!  Make sure to watch it because you don’t want to overheat the chocolate and burn it! 

Once it is melted, make sure to have your sprinkles and wax paper ready so you can finish the recipe when the chocolate is still warm! Take one marshmallow pop and dip it into the chocolate.  Anywhere where the chocolate goes, that is where the sprinkles will end up, so you can cover the whole pop, or simply dip the end in.  You can be creative with this part.  Once you have dipped the marshmallow, sprinkle it with sprinkles all over.  Once you think it has enough sprinkles to be extra tasty, set on the wax paper to dry. 

Once it is completely dry you can enjoy it!  If you want to give them as gifts for Saint Valentine’s Day, tie a nice bow on it with ribbon and place inside a plastic bag. That way they stay fresh and clean while you are passing them out!  Enjoy this special treat!