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K4J in the School: Overview

Catholic schools are remarkable! Catholic educators are true witnesses of the Gospel in which you transmit the faith in words and deeds within the halls and classrooms of your school. The best role models make use of great tools. K4J equips teachers with all they need to bring virtue to life in the classroom. Virtue is the foundation which allows children to embrace their faith, choose what is good and prepares them to make good decisions in life.

Benefits include:

  • Fun materials
  • Easy to use
  • No extra classroom time
  • Self-motivated children
  • Fewer discipline problems
  • Strong Catholic identity
  • Exciting leadership and service program for grades 5-8
  • Unites the entire school ages Pre K3 - 8th grade
  • Parents and teachers work together on the same goals
  • K4J Family link into the home
  • Immediate Results!


Children are inundated with influences far beyond the school day. Therefore, K4J developed a link into the home in order to make it possible for parents to continue the same formation at home called K4J Family.  It helps kids become self-motivated to live virtue and love their Catholic faith. You and parents work together to complete the "Circle of Success" for the child.

The future of Catholic education is in the hands of our principals and teachers. We are here to support your efforts to make the future brilliant!



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School of Virtue

As Catholic educators, a primary goal is to live and teach virtue within your classroom.  Virtue is the foundation which allows everyone to embrace their faith and choose what is good. K4J has created the School of Virtue Program to make that goal not only easier to reach but fun for everyone at the same time.  From the K4J Opening Assembly run by your older students to the classroom activities and Mission Packs for home, K4J releases positive power in the school!


K4J Family

Support your school's mission by offering your students the chance to do K4J Family at home.  Time tested methods have shown us that every child learns by doing, so we make it possible for your student to learn to choose what is good naturally, throughout the day (virtue). As members of “K4J Family” the students will receive a personal home page featuring our dynamic online program which motivates kids to live the Mission of the Month, the practice of each month's virtue. Each time they complete their mission, they add points to their virtue meter.  When they have blasted through their meter, an window pops up with the choice to email or print a certificate for their teacher to get EXTRA CREDIT!  It is that simple, MOTIVATING AND FUN!