School of Virtue

School of Virtue Starter Kit

School of Virtue Starter Kit supplies the principal and teachers working at any age level with the materials needed to bring virtue to life in the whole school and each classroom.  Help your "Catholic Identity" and unite your whole school community by starting each month with the K4J Opening Assembly led by your "Captains" (middle school students).  This assembly includes a creative skit designed for your Captains which enables these older kids to really lead and serve by introducing the K4J virtue and Mission of the Month in a dynamic way- complete with cool Mission Songs and hand motions.  



--Click to view this year's Program at a Glance 

--Log into your school account and find monthly e-Guidebooks for the principal and teachers of each of the four K4J levels; 

--Click to view  a sample Principal e-Guidebook, preK4J (preschool-1st grade), K4J (2nd-3rd grade) and Apostles (4th-5th) grade and Captains (6th-8th grade)

--Your school will be mailed:

--A Graphics CD which contains fantastic clip art with K4J characters, logos and more for great bulletin boards and for use in your school newsletter and other communications.

--10 Mission Songs CDs.  The K4J Mission Songs CD provides a song specifically designed to teach and reinforce the month's virtue and Mission of the Month. 
 Click here to listen to some of the songs!

--Reproducible Patterns

 --Free access to K4J Family for all your teachers.  K4J Family offers a dynamic connected community with discussion groups, videos, helpful tips, library,
events and more!  

Purchase K4J Family for your students for only $12/year

Some teachers:

--  Ask us to create a personal online Classroom Sign Up, FREE.

--  Ask a room parent to help communicate with families and motivate them to sign up.  Just have them contact

--  Use K4J Family in computer lab.

--  Ask a parent to come into the classroom once a month for a K4J Surprise!  (written in the e-guidebooks)

--  Teach volunteers to use the snappy K4J mission titles when they are with the students.  Now everyone is surrounding the students with the same POSITIVE message!


Together, with the School of Virtue Classroom Teacher Kit and K4J Family, you have everything you need to reap all the benefits of K4J!