Stone Soup


Here is a K4J Recipe


Do you remember going to grandma's house?  Whenever school was out, snow or no snow, I was trudging the mile to get to her.  She was one of those cooks that never owned a cookbook.  -- Kathleen

Granny's Stone Soup!



So you can't go get groceries. It is too cold and the cupboards are kind of bare.  Make Granny's Stone soup.  She would get any kind of meat, cook it to make a broth and add all our favorites.  This is great fun for the kids.  Read the story Stone Soup by Marcia Brown. It is a classic.  Have the kids choose their favorite ingredient to add to the soup.  Here are is how it is done.  


Step 1:  (by parent)

Choose a meat and make the broth:  

--Brown hamburger and then add beef broth or dry onion soup mix and water.

--Boil chicken breast in seasoned water (seasoned salt, salt and pepper, any favorite) until it is falling off the bone.  Strain the broth, take the chicken off the bone and add to the broth. 

--Brown pork or beef and add water to the meat with seasonings.

Once the meat is tender, move on.


Step 2:  (kids)

Have the kids prepare thier favorite addition to the soup.  Make sure you watch out for the cooking times.  For instance, if you are adding carrots, they take a little to cook than peas.  If they choose pasta or rice, I cook it separately so it does not absorb all my broth.

Here are some suggestions:

VEGES: green beans, carrots, onions, peas, corn, black beans,a can of stewed tomatoes, celery--ANYTHING in the freezer they like. 

STARCH:  rice, pasta, potatoes  They all work well.

Surprise:  spicy tomatoes, keilbasa, cabbage, bacon, cream, can of creamed soup, mushrooms, salsa, shrimp, brown rice.  What else do you have in the cupboard?


Step 3:  Simmer until all the veges are done.  Pour over rice or noodles.  

Add Garlic Toast

Take your day old hot-dog buns or those in the freezer.  Cut the bun in half.  Butter the bun, sprinkle with garlic salt and toast at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or until brown.  No one will believe hot dog buns can taste that good!

Say Grace and enjoy!