Vacation Bible School Overview 2



K4J Vacation Bible School

K4J Vacation Bible School is an all-in-one program designed to make your parish's program simple for your leaders and unforgettable for your children.  Complete with step by step instructions for planning your event, recruiting and equipping your volunteers, setting a daily program schedule and new ways to share the love of Jesus!


We offer four different programs. 



Circus of Stars Vacation Bible School

Whether the kids are attending the daily high flying circus assembly, performing with St. John Bosco, running in the Three Ring Obstacle Course, singing Circus of Stars or making Ringmaster Baton snack; the kids experience nonstop fun and action.  

At K4J Circus of Stars, the children are the stars!  They are the great creation of the Father and all they do gives glory to him.  Each day, K4J Circus of Stars builds upon the teaching of the previous day so that by the end of the week the children have learned that they can know, love, and trust God the Father.  



Summertime BLAST! Vacation Bible School

Welcome to a Summertime BLAST! Join the club and meet with friends to learn INITIATIVE.  Best of all, they learn that the BIG IDEAS Mission is done by visiting Jesus in the Eucharist.  He knows what we need to do to share his love with others.  The kids build the clubhouse and have a lot of backyard fun together.  Each day is filled with adventure.  The kids become missionaries too as they help Military priests bring the Eucharist to our troops around the world.  It is called the World Eucharist Mission.  THis VBS is sure to help the kids grow more in love with Jesus in the Eucharist! 




Surfin' With the Holy Spirit! Vacation Bible School

Let's go Surfin! The kids will never forget their friend and helper, the Holy Spirit after a week Surfin with the Spirit.  The kids enjoy beach fun as they learn the Daring Duo Mission--The Daring Duo--The Holy Spirit and Me!  Kids learn the sacraments throughout the VBS and sing Sacrament STOMP!  They also do the Celebrate Life Mission with and collect items for their local pro-life center.  Non-stop action and non-stop learning at the same time!




Win the World For Jesus! Vacation Bible School

Are you ready to Win the World For Jesus?   Kids become missionaries in the Church today as they learn the virtue of zeal for souls.  (Zeal for Souls is a song they will not forget either!)  Each day, the kids go on an expedition with one of the saints who brought the love of Jesus and the Church to the New World.   They will travel North and South America, become a pioneer of the US, travel the seas of the South Pacific and explore Mexico.  Each new land is visited with a famous saint!

Kids also help with a global medical mission; helping doctors go to places around the world.  Let's go exploring!